Use These Tips to Attract Songbirds to Your Backyard This Summer

Summer is the perfect time for relaxing in the backyard. And what’s more relaxing than listening to songbirds?

Taking steps to attract songbirds can be a great way to create a more diverse landscape in your backyard and also up the relaxation factor, thanks to their songs. But how, exactly, do you get songbirds to flock to your property?

recent article from outlined different ways to draw songbirds to your backyard this summer, including:

  • Add layers to your landscape. Creating a landscape with plants of different heights creates a variety of opportunities for birds to nest and forage. If you want your backyard to attract songbirds, consider incorporating a mix of low, medium, and tall plants.
  • Make sure your garden is bird friendly. Certain plants are more likely to attract birds than others, including flowers with lots of seeds. If you want to add a bird-friendly flower to your garden, try sunflowers, which are known to attract a variety of birds, including chickadees, sparrows, and finches.
  • Add bird feeders. Birds naturally flock to where they can find food, so adding bird feeders to your yard is a surefire way to attract songbirds this summer. Consider placing feeders in different places (and at different heights) to attract a wider variety of birds.