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7 Things You Should Know about Home Inspections When Buying a House

Unless you’re a real estate agent, you’ll probably only attend a home inspection a handful of times in your life, so you might be taken by surprise by a few things! While your inspector and agent will most likely explain any of these things to you, knowing about them in advance can help you avoid

3 tips for Low Home Appraisal? Here’s How Buyers Can Navigate the Situation

You found the perfect home. You made an offer, and it was accepted. Everything is going smoothly until you get back the appraisal and it was much lower than expected. As a buyer, what can you do in this situation? A recent article from outlined the different ways buyers can move forward if they find themselves

8 Common Questions Home Buyers Have about Appraisals

Unless you’re a real estate agent, you probably don’t think about home appraisals more than a few times in your life. (Considering how much time real estate agents spend worrying about them, you’re probably better off!) But when you buy a house, chances are a third-party appraiser will need to inspect the house and analyze